Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet the Kids - Joshua

Joshua.  My baby.  But don't say that to his face.  At 3 1/2 he thinks that is nothing but an insult.  "I'm a big boy!" he insists.  He's right, of course.  Tall and lanky, and skinny and all boy.  His big brother did nothing to prepare me for what a typical boy is.  Super heroes and bad guys everywhere, non-stop motion from the second he gets out of bed until he grudgingly passes out at night.  He's a lover AND a fighter.  Snuggled in my arms telling me he loves me while fighting the bad guys behind me.  That's my baby.

Being the youngest, he's spoiled, of course.  Even more than I would do on my own.  His Daddy is way worse than I am.  Woo has everyone wrapped around those little fingers, and we all know it.  But when he looks at you with that impish grin and says "pwease Mommy pwease pwease??" how can you resist?

He is in a hurry to grow up, much to my dismay.  He wants to go to school like his brother and sister, while I am relishing his last year at home with me.  Next year is pre-k... then kindergarten, and then the world.  He has an unreasonable hatred of commercials and so I spend way too much of my day hearing "make it faster make it faster!" and thanking God for DVRs.  If he actually had to watch commercials, I fear for the safety of the world!  He wants a beard like Daddy when he grows up.  I just can't even begin to picture that.  Those sweet little cheeks all bristly and scruffy.  Of course he also wants to be Spiderman.  And I can't really picture that either, so I think I'm safe for now.  On both counts.


Tina said...


Tina here from the other blog(over)...noticed you had a blog now so I am your first follower...Darling kids....put up ads...everyone else has them. Good luck with the blog...


see see some said...

ya are now in my reader~~welcome to blogging

see see

Jennifer said...

Thank you both! I've joined the darkside and applied for ads. Besides, I've heard they have hummus!


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