Thursday, January 14, 2010

Okay, so I don't know if I even have any readers left at all, let alone any lurking readers, but what the heck!  Today is delurking day, the day you peek out of the shadows and say hi!  I'm doing it, you should too!  So leave a comment, tell me a little bit about you.  What's your favorite trashy television?  Oreos or ice cream?  Who's blog should I be reading that I'm not?  Is Jillian Michaels really that evil?  I want to hear from you, whatever you have to say!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm stuck, restless, antsy.  I'm tired of being in my head.  I want to be someone else, do something else... something.  I don't know.

Everything is fine.  I'm happy, the kids are healthy and good.  The boys have a new found closeness that is gorgeous to see.  Lexie got her midterm grades and they are miles better than last quarter.  Christopher is making progress.  Joshua will be four (4!!) in a week.  S is well - job stress kept to a minimum.  I've been playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii, and even though I can't get past the stupid castle I'm working on yet, I know I will.  I have a husband who loves me like crazy, fantastic children I adore, a house I love, more than enough food in our cabinets, money enough to pay our bills, my health and the health of my family. 

So what the hell is wrong with me?  Why do I feel like I'm wearing the wrong skin?  I want to do something crazy and outrageous, something that will irrevocably change everything.  But there's nothing in my life that needs changing.  Everything is good the way it is.  I know this.  But knowing and feeling aren't always in sync. 

I'm sure it will all work itself out.  Without me doing anything I'm sure I'd end up regretting eventually.  But I wish it'd hurry up, I'm tired of feeling like this.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All about the hair

And there goes Holidailies.... I just ran out of steam, and any desire whatsoever to update.  Oh well, I still did fairly well.  I made well past the minimum 20 required posts, so it counts as a success.

My visit with Jes was good.  She went home on Sunday, and is right now flying her way to Washington for a 2 week visit with her family there, including our youngest sister.  She talked me into letting her straighten my hair while she was here - something I'd never done before.  It was weird - I've never seen my hair actually straight before.  It didn't look bad though, just different.  See?

Compare that to this - my hair fresh from the bath one night a couple months ago:


Just a slight difference :)

Speaking of hair, I'm at a loss what to do about Joshua's.  He wants long hair.  I'm fine with that, but in the meantime, what do I do?  He's growing out a buzz cut.  He has very thick hair.  I've been trimming it around the back and around his ears, waiting for the top to get long, but this is just not a great look.  He's got so much hair, it's starting to make his head look weird.  Here's a couple of pictures, so you can maybe get the idea?

Ignore the dirty face please.  You can see the shorter layers on top here.

In this outtake from our Christmas Eve picture you can see how thick his hair is, and how it's making his head look odd.  Joshua is the one who wants long hair, and while I have no problem with it, I just don't know how to get there from here without a year of funny looking hair!  And considering that his birthday is in 2 weeks, I'd like something decent looking for his 4 year pictures, that won't completely mean starting over.  I think what I'm aiming for is something like these boys.   (BTW - that's a good blog.  She's got 7 kids, and still manages to stay sane!)

Anyway, any and all opinions welcome.  On Woo's or my hair :)  And I'm officially out of time for this entry, I've got to go get my big kids from school!

Friday, January 1, 2010



This is Jes, my second to youngest sister.  She just turned 21.  We have a strange relationship - we're sisters, but we have no shared childhood to relate.  I left home when she was 5, and only saw her a handful of times between then and last March when she moved in with us.  We were, for all intents and purposes, strangers, really, who happen to be related.  She lives on her own now, but it was an interesting few months, getting to know her.  We have surprisingly similar backgrounds, despite being raised by different parents (she was raised by her father and step-mother.  Technically we're half sisters, but I never think of it that way) including, unfortunately, some of the nastier things.  While it does give us a platform from which to relate, I'd never have wished that on her. 

Anyway, she's visiting right now.  She's outside playing with Lexie, after she and I made cookies.  We're planning on a Mario marathon at some point.  I love having family I can enjoy having around.  My kids absolutely adore her, and that feeling is more than mutual, I know.  And I think Jes and I are making up for that missing childhood, because we both act like kids together.  Which is much more of a stretch for me than her, I'll admit.  Damn youngster.  :)  Tickle fights, and sighing over cute boys and lots of teasing.  I have so much fun.  So I'm going to end this now and go play with my sister :)


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