Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet the Kids - Lexie

This is my oldest, Lexie.  She's eight, and obsessed with vampires,(that would be my fault!)  the Jonas Brothers,(so not my fault!) and being sassy.  She thinks she knows more than I do.  Sometimes she's right.  Mostly she's not, much to her dismay.  We share a birthday, and too many personality traits, so we butt heads often.  Being my first, she's also what I call my practice kid... you know, the one I get to learn on?  Poor thing.  Her brothers have it a lot easier than she does.  By the time they do something, she's already broken me in. 

Of course, by being the first, she also gets to be the one who did everything first.  Her's were the very first first words and first steps and first loose teeth and first day of school.  Her brothers didn't get that.  And she's fond of the fact that she is the one who made me a mommy.  I am too.  She's my girl.  My Punkin, my Lulu, my Chickadee.... it's amazing the kid knows her name, actually.  But I'll call her whatever she wants as long as she keeps smiling like this.


see see some said...

i was the first girl~~and very much like my mom~~now at 51, she is also my best friend~~mom says having a daughter is wonderful~~boys are great, but a daughter is a daughter and we are much closer {to my younger brother's dismay}

Jennifer said...

I can't imagine not having my daughter. I adore my boys, but, like you said, I can have a relationship with Lexie that I will never have with them. I can't wait for her to grow up so we can be best friends! Assuming I let her live that long!


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