Friday, January 1, 2010



This is Jes, my second to youngest sister.  She just turned 21.  We have a strange relationship - we're sisters, but we have no shared childhood to relate.  I left home when she was 5, and only saw her a handful of times between then and last March when she moved in with us.  We were, for all intents and purposes, strangers, really, who happen to be related.  She lives on her own now, but it was an interesting few months, getting to know her.  We have surprisingly similar backgrounds, despite being raised by different parents (she was raised by her father and step-mother.  Technically we're half sisters, but I never think of it that way) including, unfortunately, some of the nastier things.  While it does give us a platform from which to relate, I'd never have wished that on her. 

Anyway, she's visiting right now.  She's outside playing with Lexie, after she and I made cookies.  We're planning on a Mario marathon at some point.  I love having family I can enjoy having around.  My kids absolutely adore her, and that feeling is more than mutual, I know.  And I think Jes and I are making up for that missing childhood, because we both act like kids together.  Which is much more of a stretch for me than her, I'll admit.  Damn youngster.  :)  Tickle fights, and sighing over cute boys and lots of teasing.  I have so much fun.  So I'm going to end this now and go play with my sister :)


Karen said...

Gosh - Jes and Lexie look alot alike! Having a 21 year old around keeps you feeling young right! My sister and I are only 11 months apart but weren't really close either, but now we are doing better...I'm glad you two are able to be together now - making up for lost time!

won said...

I'm happy for your relationship with your sister!


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