Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All about the hair

And there goes Holidailies.... I just ran out of steam, and any desire whatsoever to update.  Oh well, I still did fairly well.  I made well past the minimum 20 required posts, so it counts as a success.

My visit with Jes was good.  She went home on Sunday, and is right now flying her way to Washington for a 2 week visit with her family there, including our youngest sister.  She talked me into letting her straighten my hair while she was here - something I'd never done before.  It was weird - I've never seen my hair actually straight before.  It didn't look bad though, just different.  See?

Compare that to this - my hair fresh from the bath one night a couple months ago:


Just a slight difference :)

Speaking of hair, I'm at a loss what to do about Joshua's.  He wants long hair.  I'm fine with that, but in the meantime, what do I do?  He's growing out a buzz cut.  He has very thick hair.  I've been trimming it around the back and around his ears, waiting for the top to get long, but this is just not a great look.  He's got so much hair, it's starting to make his head look weird.  Here's a couple of pictures, so you can maybe get the idea?

Ignore the dirty face please.  You can see the shorter layers on top here.

In this outtake from our Christmas Eve picture you can see how thick his hair is, and how it's making his head look odd.  Joshua is the one who wants long hair, and while I have no problem with it, I just don't know how to get there from here without a year of funny looking hair!  And considering that his birthday is in 2 weeks, I'd like something decent looking for his 4 year pictures, that won't completely mean starting over.  I think what I'm aiming for is something like these boys.   (BTW - that's a good blog.  She's got 7 kids, and still manages to stay sane!)

Anyway, any and all opinions welcome.  On Woo's or my hair :)  And I'm officially out of time for this entry, I've got to go get my big kids from school!


Jim said...

I wouldn't worry about his birthday picture. Twenty or thirty years from now you will all look at the picture and chuckle together at his hair. It's no big thing. I say this from experience: my kids are 24, 27, and 41. (That's male, female, male.) They have had hair of various lengths and color and we have all survived.

TravelingMom said...

Hey, thanks for the comments on my blog! Your family is so cute! I like the hair.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great!! I have never straightened mine either. Too much time.

Chase always wants his hair to grow long too. I can only take it for so long, because like your son, it is thick and just grows in it's own direction. Never what you want it to do, lol.

Good luck!

Shana said...

Your hair looks great straightened! When the boys are growing out their hair from a buzz cut, I usually wait until it is the length of Joshua's. I take them to the barber shop & all you have to say is just a typical little boy haircut. They will shape it up & blend those layers that are everywhere. Maybe cut the back with a 3 blade so it isn't incredibly short but it will be party worthy, ha!

cupcake said...

I think Woo would look great with longer hair. A friend of mine has a Josh too (copied my son's name!), his hair was about the length of Woo's when he started growing his out. She just let it grow, it eventually got to a length that he's happy with.

won said...

I really like your hair straight. Was it done with a flat iron?

Are you going to continue with it straight, or go curly?


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