Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thank you all for your support!  It means a lot - more than you know.

And hey!  Stuff - it happened while I was gone.  And I actually have pictures of some of it.  Wanna see?

The biggest thing that happened was Joshua's 4th birthday!  My baby is FOUR!  This should not be possible.  He is so proud of it though.  I swear, (and I do) that it's the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Anytime you tell him he can't do something he'll look up at you with the most serious expression and say "but I'm FOOOUUUR!"  Like this is the magic age at which he's capable of everything.  And as far as he's concerned he is.  Because at four - he gets to go to school.

Which was pretty much the first thing he asked me on his birthday.  We'd told him before, when he was upset about not getting to go to school with Christopher and Lexie, that he would be going to Pre-K when he was four.  Which is true.  Never thought to explain the whole school year concept to him though.... so the morning of January 19th, I found myself with one very ticked off newly-turned four year old, who did not understand why he had to stay home with boring old mommy still, instead of going off the building of mystery and endless fun known as school.  Telling him he has to wait until August, when the new school year starts means nothing to him.  He kept saying "but I'm four now.  I'm not sick, I don't have to stay home with you.  I can go to school."  Poor kid.  Finally I was able to distract him with promises of cake and ice cream, but I still get interrogated a couple times a week as to exactly when he's going to get to go to school.  At this point, I can't wait for August!

So - Joshy at four - still sleeps with us every night.  (thank you Daddy.  Pushover :))  Is obsessed with Bakugan, Ben10, Power Rangers, anything superhero.  Refuses to eat a sandwich of any sort - but loves meat, cheese and bread.  On the same plate even.  But don't stack them.  Only eats frozen waffles for breakfast.  And I do mean frozen - straight out of the freezer.  If we're out, he will grudgingly accept a myriad of other options, including cereal, french toast, or pancakes.  Loves bacon.  Woo is super cuddly and gives fantastic hugs.  He's the happiest of all my kids - rarely crying or throwing tantrums, usually content to play with toys, fighting wars and beating the bad guys.  Has a girlfriend "poee" (Chloe) who he adores and has long conversations with on the phone.  (She is also 4, and knows how to dial our number.  She calls him all the time.  It's beyond adorable)  He will willingly tell you that Poee is his goofwend and that he wuvs her :)  I cannot imagine my life without this kid!

How about some pictures?

cuddling with Bubby birthday morning.



 Chloe - not eating cake.  Her only fault is that she won't eat chocolate :)

Okay - More stuff happened, and I have more pictures, but they'll have to wait for next time.   


Deb in MD said...

Happy Birthday to Joshua! Funny about the timing of school, he thought he could start the next day

I'm so happy that you are feeling better, I've been thinking of you.

The Silva's said...

Oh, he is so cute!!!

Robin in Montana said...

Jennifer, I SUCK! I mean, really, really bad. I have been so swamped and haven't been keeping up on the blog, or here on your blog and I totally did not know what was going on with you, and I feel like crap! Thank God for the wonderful and supporting husband and family you have, and I am so happy you're feeling like you again. Happy (late - told you I suck) birthday to Joshy!

aka Leper Face

Shana said...

Happy Birthday Joshua! Chloe is a doll!


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