Wednesday, October 7, 2009

...and your Momma dresses you funny

I was going through some old pictures, looking to see if I had any group pics I could add to Facebook (ack!  Facebook, how I loathe thee!  Come back Lover, I didn't mean it!... I'm conflicted)  I don't, which didn't surprise me, but I did find a few of me from school.  I decided to make today Humiliate Myself Wednesday and post them!  I can't even remember where my scanner is, so these are digital pics of old pictures, so excuse the poor quality.

For some reason I have 2 sets of 2 - one from grade school, and one from high school.  So let's start at the very beginning.  (a very good place to start...)

So - 4th grade.  Red hair, complete with mullet and flippy wings.  Freckles.  Dancing panda shirt.  Teeth that prompted my parents to call me Bugs Bunny.  I can't imagine why the child modeling agencies weren't beating at my door?  How can this get any better?

Like this!!  Fifth grade!  Same red hair - now with badly cut bangs.  New, improved chubbiness!  Bugs Bunny teeth slightly grown into, but "Dumbo*" ears shown to best advantage!  Hideous pink shirt clashes nicely with hair and complexion.  These are the memories we want to keep forever?  Nice slogan picture selling company!

*Dumbo and Bugs really were what my parents called me when I was little - My ears and teeth were HUGE.  Thankfully I did grow into them!

So - these 2 - I was either 8th and 9th, or 9th and 10th grade.  On the positive side, my mother was no longer picking out my clothes.  Or my hair style.  The blue sweater isn't so bad.   On the negative side, I'm not sure I was doing such a great job either.  I think those suspender things might be backwards.  (If I remember correctly it was a skirt, and it was backwards because the straps didn't fit over my breasts the other way - they  slid off repeatedly)  And red will never be my color.  But obviously I needed to step away from the curling iron.  And the blue eye shadow.  And whoever invented light bulb earrings should be shot, as should I for wearing them in a school picture.  Actually ... are those Christmas Bulbs?  But overall, it's still an improvement.

Luckily things have gotten a lot better... (I hope!) in the years since I've graduated.  I no longer have a curling iron addiction at all.  I don't even own blue eye shadow, or any clothing with suspenders.  And I swear I have never had another mullet!  I think I've grown up quite nicely!


The Silva's said...

Love it!!! I may think about doing one of these myself:)

lisa said...

the curled it! My hair had more of a tidal wave going.

I cringe at even the thought at looking at old school pictures. But would it make great fodder at ...that website cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Omg!! I am actually crying from laughing so hard at this post! You are funny girl!

I wouldn't even think of digging out my HS pictures. Let alone grade school. I applaud you!!

This is the best read all day by far!!

Robin said...

Oh my goodness! Fortunately, all of my elementary and high school photos were lost in a fire (fortunate that the pictures burned, not that there was a fire). I know there are some floating around out there somewhere....I just hope they remain lost!


Robin :o)

Jennifer said...

Ack - sorry to hear about your pictures Robin! I always worry about losing pictures in a fire or something like that, so I store copies everywhere - my house, my husband's office, I think my mom has copies. But only pics of my kids... these are some of the few I have of me!

Thanks for comments everyone, I'm glad you enjoyed this! It was actually fun to post.

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! If I had a liquid in my mouth it would now be all over the computer screen...freakin' hysterical. I love the dancing pandas! I will have to pull some out when i find some time!

Jennifer said...

I hope you do Kristin! I'm glad so many of you liked this one. It was a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

The frozen-with-hairspray-crashing-waves bang look rocks!

I spent all of middle school with the same bangs, except I trained them to go over one eye...because I was cool. Screw depth perception!

Jennifer said...

That was one thing I couldn't get away with. If my hair was in my eyes my mother would just randomly walk up and cut it. But you gotta love the hairspray bangs! I remember trying to shower without washing my bangs all week long because if they were freshly washed they wouldn't hold right! EW!


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