Thursday, October 29, 2009

You Capture Autumn

I'm finally taking the plunge and joining in You Capture.  Now, like I have said, I am NOT a real photographer, and know nothing about photoshop, or any of those other programs, so you're just getting the picture I took.  But I love fall, so I had to go out and take some photos for this one!

This is Lexie and her "prettiest leaf."  I love the colors of the leaves in fall.

I love the sound of the leaves as I walk through them, the way they crunch under my feet.

I have no idea what kind of tree this is, I don't think it's actually a pine, because it does change colors.  It's gorgeous right now.

Another "I don't know what this is."  It grows on the base of the oak tree in our front yard, and was nice and green all summer long.  A few weeks ago it started changing and is so vibrant now.

Pumpkins on my table waiting to be carved!

So there you have it - my first You Capture.  I know a TON of very talented people participate, so you should head over and check out the rest of the submissions.


heather said...

i will have to check this out. i have a new canon rebel, the books, a tripod, a pretty camera bag. and i've done absolutely nothing with it. it's too overhwhelming! so i am going to check out you capture!

heather said...

oh and a photo editing program. got that too!

where's my motivation?!

p.s. ignore my typo in the first post! LOL

p.p.s. great pictures!

Stefany said...

First welcome to You Capture! :)

Second, I love the sound of leaves under my feet too.

Great shots of autumn.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Heather. You really should go and check it out! And start taking pictures. I know NOTHING about it, I just take pictures of things I like and occasionally get a good one, or at least one I'm happy with. That's the good thing about digital photography, you can take as many pictures as you want.

I would LOVE a photo editing program, and a good class on how to use it. (I wouldn't say no to a dSLR either! But I'm good with my point and shoot for now)

Stefany - thanks for coming by!


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