Monday, October 12, 2009

The eyes have it!

Christopher isn't the only blue eyed member of this family!




Only S breaks the mold.  He has really pretty green eyes.  I was hoping one of the kids would get them, but as you can clearly see, we are blue eye dominant in this family!  Of course, since the kids all look like him anyway, it's only fair I got to pass on something!

And, even though this will be a picture heavy post - just because I like the full size pics, I'll include them down here.



Nice blue specs! I have dark brown eyes and so do all three of my boys. My husband and his family all have blue. Each time I had a baby my mother in law would say that she thought the baby had blue eyes. Every time they had brown eyes. It was kind of funny. I think they were wishing for one with blue. Didn't happen!

won said...

You have beautiful eyes!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!! I love to capture eyes in pics like that.

Then of course we photoshop the blue, ahem!!

Karen said...

I love looking at eyes - window to the soul.... thanks for sharing the rest of the face too - beautiful family you have!


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