Monday, October 5, 2009

Productive Weekend

I didn't post, and the world didn't end!  I had a fairly productive weekend, which is a good part of what kept me away from the computer.

We got Lexie's twin bed taken apart, and the queen bed that was the guest bed moved upstairs to her room.  We bought her a pretty white metal day bed for her 7th birthday at a discount furniture place, and it has completely fallen apart less than 2 years later.  Guess we've learned our lesson there - some things are worth paying for.  Lexie is of course, thrilled to have such a big bed anyway, so it all works out.  When my in-laws come at Christmas, we'll just have them sleep in her room, and she can sleep on the twin mattress we stored under her brother's bed.

We also moved the recliner out of the boys room and into the living room.  Christopher had taken to only sleeping in the chair, and since he's not heavy enough to keep it reclined, that meant he was always curled into some really uncomfortable looking position.  Now he slept fine, so it must not have been too uncomfortable, but I was worried about what it might be doing to his back.  Yes, I know, I 'm paranoid.  But I'm Mom, it's my job! :)  So the chair isn't in his room anymore, and not an option for sleeping.  The first night he ended up on the couch in the living room about midnight, but last night spent the whole night in his bed, making me a much happier Mommy!

I also did a thorough clean out of all the boys toys - I dumped every single toy they owned in the middle of their bedroom and went through them, something I hadn't done since before we moved into this house a year and a half ago!  Lexie volunteered to help, and was a joy to have in there with me, and actually a lot of help.  It was really nice.  We managed to get 2 trash bags of toys plus a couple of bigger things that wouldn't fit in bags, and a bag of clothes that Joshua has outgrown to give away, as soon as I find someone to give everything to.  Not to mention the HUGE bag of trash!  We also sorted all the toys, and the boys are having a lot of fun playing with things that have been buried for months.

And to top it off, I braved weekend crowds and went shopping!  I bought Christopher's birthday presents, and got a head start on some Christmas shopping.  We do most of our Christmas shopping online, but since I was there, I went ahead and picked up a few things I knew the kids wanted.  Then I came home and spent awhile on Amazon working on the rest of their lists.  Of course, I'm not going to order those quite yet.... I need to make sure the lists don't change, and we have to write Santa letters too!  But very soon I will be done with shopping for the kids!  But they're the easy ones.  My husband is the hardest person in the world to shop for, I swear!

So today, Christopher finally gets to go back to school!!  He only went one day last week, poor kid.  But he is officially no longer contagious, so off he goes.  And then I have to go buy coats for him and his sister.  The weather is finally cooling down, and they might actually need them sometime soon.  Gotta love Oklahoma!  90's last week, 50's this week!



Wow, you did get a lot done! I wish I had that motivation:) I tagged you on my blog, check it out.

lisa said...

Dang, you were one busy lady!

One of the many perks of being a SAHM- shopping during the week and avoiding the weekend crowd. love it!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I usually do all my shopping during the week, but with Christopher sick all week, I had no opportunity to do his birthday shopping without him until the weekend. It definitely reminded me why I love weekday shopping!!

MLWB - thanks for the tag, but I just did this one last week!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your son is all better! I need motivation to go through and clean out all of Emily's toys. I just go in her play room and look around, then say.. this can wait, lol.


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