Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Traditions

I've been reading a lot around the web about Christmas traditions passed down from generation to generation, and it makes me feel wistful and slightly jealous.  I don't remember much about Christmases when I was a child, and of the things I do remember... well, I don't think Mommy getting depressed and crying every time you put the tree up is a tradition I want to pass on.  I still have no idea why she did that.   

My husbands family doesn't seem to have had very many set traditions, other than going dove hunting together, which is not really something we can do at this point.  And something he'd enjoy a lot more with his brother and nephews involved anyway.  A little difficult, since they're in Illinois, and we're here.

The few traditions we do remember we seem to have a hard time fitting in - S's family always watches Christmas Vacation, the past couple years we just haven't gotten around to it.  We always read 'Twas The Night Before Christmas just before bed on Christmas Eve, my father reading it when I was young, then I read it to my youngest sisters until I left, but last year we couldn't even find our copy of the book here.

So we're working on making our own traditions.  Things our children can carry on for their children, hopefully.  New jammies for the kids, opened on Christmas Eve.  This year I got them matching pajamas.  I can't wait to take pictures of them all together in front of the tree.  They'll look so cute, even though I know I won't get a single picture of them all looking at the camera at the same time.  They each pick out a new ornament every year for the tree.  And we'll try reading the book again, assuming we can find it this time.  But I'd really like a few more.  Nothing big, just something.... Something that when the kids are grown they can look back on with nostalgia and fondness, like I see so many others do. 

So this is where I ask for your help... what sort of traditions do you keep in your family?  Which ones do you think are most important?  Which ones are you hoping to pass on to your kids?  Help me give my children really good Christmas memories please!


Michelle with a K said...

My personal favorite? On Christmas Eve after dinner, the kids each get a package with new holiday PJs in it. We put on our PJs, grab a thermos of hot cocoa and some cups, a few blankets and hop in the car. We drive around with Christmas music on the radio and check out all the holiday lights in the upscale neighborhoods in our town. SO much fun!

Melanie said...

There were always certain cookies and candy my Mom made for Christmas, and only Christmas. I'm trying to keep some of that going! Christmas Eve was always party food - finger sandwiches, coctail meatballs, chips/dips, etc. We'd sit around the tree and open gifts after we ate. I'm trying to keep that going as well. My Dad would take me riding to look at lights and my kids LOVE doing this now.

won said...

I've got nothing on this idea...but wanted to let you know I was by!

Happy Wednesday.

won said...

That was weird. I commented, then clicked on my email.

You were commenting on my blog the same time I was commenting on yours!

Dawn said...

Can I say I love you? Being called "itty bitty" isn't something I hear very often. *laughs* Okay, so it does help that Taylor is 6 feet tall.

As far as traditions...we always had the kids open 1 gift Christmas Eve. I also "made" my girls watch all the Christmas cartoons of my childhood with me. Now, they have to watch them as adults. Also, from the time my girls were little, we had bake day. Back then, they just decorated and made a mess. Now as women with kids of their own, they are carrrying on the bake day tradition.

Aunt Becky said...

Hm. We always do stockings Christmas AM and then celebrate with my family. The night before, we're starting a whole mess of new traditions.

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