Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Dinner

No post yesterday.  I just flat out didn't want to.  Which is still okay by Holidailies rules.  It's 20 posts in the 30 days, so I can afford to take a day off it I want to.

For the record, the truffles taste wayyyy better than they look.  So much so that I've got a second batch in the fridge right now, cooling, for family only consumption.  We only ended up with about 15 from the 1st try, and everyone loves them.  So I'm doing it again.  Half chocolate raspberry, half chocolate orange this time. 

Today's prompt is a holiday food you wish would disappear.  I can't think of one specifically, because we don't make anything we don't like.  My mother's cooking at my house either on Christmas Eve, or Christmas - we're not sure yet because we forgot her husband doesn't actually have the 24th off.  Here's our menu, as far as it stands right now:
  • turkey - I bought a 20lb bird yesterday.  My mom does make good turkey, although I don't care a whole lot for it in general.
  • stuffing.  The best thing on the table!
  • mashed potatoes & gravy.  Gravy also goes on the stuffing.  It's mandatory.
  • S's granny's macaroni and cheese.  I'll be making this.
  • salad
  • green bean casserole (maybe?)
  • cornbread dressing (also a maybe.  S's dad will be showing me how to make this quinessential southern dish I think, since I've never made it.)
  • cranberry sauce
  • black olives
  • pineapple
  • dinner rolls
  • pumpkin pie
  • pecan pie
  • S's granny's pound cake (I will also be making this)
I think that's everything.  That seems like a lot of food for 10 people.  Three of whom are children.  One of which will not eat anything on that list.  And one of whom is me, who has a very small capacity, comparably.  (and I plan to use it all up on stuffing!)  We'll have to see.  I may invite all you over for leftovers!


Erin Lutz said...

I am so there. See you on the 26th! ;)

Anonymous said...

That all sounds great!!

I'm there!!!

Deb in MD said...

I just knew those truffles would be awesome!

Shana said...

Yum! I'm on my way, ha! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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