Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cookies anyone?

I took everything out of the freezer to thaw so I could start putting together the baskets for the teachers tomorrow, in time for Friday's delivery.  Honestly, compared to how much it feels like I've made, it doesn't look like there's as much there as there should be.  Then I remind myself how much everyone around here's been snacking on, and I don't feel so bad.

So... who's hungry?

From left to right:
sugar cookie sandwiches
chocolate chip, chocolate chip w/pecan (behind the first bag)
2 bags of chocolate peanut butter chip
8 mini loaves of zucchini bread
caramel pecan brownies
chocolate mint brownies

On the far right you can see tupperware with fudge (bottom), extra sugar cookies (white bowl) and then zucchini muffins.  Those are for the family to eat.  All the other stuff is for teachers and neighbors.

Tomorrow I make truffles.  Hopefully.  I've never tried it before, so I'm hoping they turn out well.  Then on Friday morning, the chocolate popcorn.  I'll be sure to take pictures of the finished product to put in here, since I've been making you all listen to me whine about this!  Monday I'm making fruitcake cookies, Tuesday is more fudge - 2 flavors this time.  Peanut butter cup and mint.  And then Wednesday I'm making a pound cake.  And then I. Am. Done. Baking.!  And believe me, my jeans will thank me.  


lisa said...

wow! I wish I was your neighbor. I have yet to have a Christmas cookie..that's just so wrong.

Dawn said...

Yummy, yummy, yummy! I'm with Lisa. I want to be a neighbor too. My baking day is this Sunday, but it would be nice to get someone else's goodies too.

Erin Lutz said...

Me three! I am moving into the neighborhood. It all looks soooo good!

Anonymous said...

I use to make Christmas cookies for my neighbors, when I lived in Chicago.
Everyone getting your baskets of goodies is very lucky.
Happy Holidays!!

Gerardine Baugh

Nic said...

YUMMY! Lucky neighbors. I would like 5 of each please.


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