Sunday, December 13, 2009


Yeah, it's late.  I've got nothing.  It's been a heck of a day.  I'm not great at spending time online on the weekends to begin with, but this one's been even busier than usual.  I spent over 2 hours cleaning the living room carpet yesterday.  Helped S replace 2 light fixtures in the house.  We moved Lexie's bedroom back upstairs, after moving her downstairs last week.  Took the kids to see Santa, and got a really lousy picture.  An unexpected doctor's visit, a long trip to the store... plus everything else I'd normally do on the weekend.  And now I have to post.  My poor brain just doesn't have a coherent thought in it.

I could post a  picture of the holly bush in my front yard I took the other day.  I have way too much fun with my macro lens.

Or maybe one of my baby pouting at me?

How about my daughter's goofy pose and bright blue eyes?

And... now my sister just called in tears and needs me to go pick her up so she can stay the night on my couch.  So that's all you get.  Cross your fingers for a calmer day tomorrow, okay?


Deb in MD said...

cutie kids!

I'm sorry about your sister, though, I hope she is okay.

here's to a better day today!

Erin Lutz said...

Your holly is beautiful. We used to go each Cristmas to my Nana's and swipe some for decorations. It always makes me think of her.

Anonymous said...

Love the pouty picture. Too cute!!


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