Friday, December 11, 2009

Cookies and Kids

Three pans of brownies, (mint, caramel pecan and plain) 22 1/2 dozen cookies, (chocolate chip, chocolate chip w/pecan and chocolate peanut butter chip) 20 muffins and 8 mini loaves of zucchini bread.  That's the baking grand total for this week.  Somehow it just doesn't seem like that much written there, but my freezer is getting perilously close to full, I've gone through 5lbs of flour, 5lbs of sugar, over 2lbs of butter and almost 2 dozen eggs, plus many other assorted ingredients.  Only one batch of burned cookies, and only one small burn on me so far.  This is impressive.  I'm a klutz.  Next week it's sugar cookies, chocolate covered popcorn, fruitcake cookies and truffles.

Okay, I'm all out of words for tonight, sorry.  My brain is fried.  Joshua has strep and was up from 1-4:30 last night with a fever, so I was, of course, up with him.  I'm going to toss in the Christmas pictures I took of the kids and call this an entry.



Erin Lutz said...

Yum. Really, you are superwoman! Great christmas pictures.

Jeanette said...

Okay, can I come stay out your house for a few days? I'll help make room in the freezer, I promise! All of that sounds soooo good!


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