Thursday, December 3, 2009

I MUST be insane....


You should too!

I typed this up elsewhere online last night, but then realized I should put it here as well - if only so I have an accessible copy of it!

I think I have come up with my holiday baking list...

For neighbors and teachers:
Chocolate truffles. Possibly with raspberry and or orange chocolate variations. (from PW's recipe)
Chocolate covered popcorn.
Brownies. Possibly with mint. Probably with fresh pecans from my mothers tree.
Sugar cookies. Or maybe mini zucchini bread. Just so there's something that isn't chocolate. Any votes?

And then, for home...
Chocolate chip cookies w/fresh pecans (by request of S.)
Fruitcake cookies. Which bear no resemblance whatsoever to fruitcake, thankfully, and are S's Granny's recipe.
My GreatGrandmother's sugar cookies. Which the kids then get to frost and decorate. It's messy as all heck, but a family tradtion and a lot of fun.
S's Granny's poundcake.

I'm never going to get to leave the kitchen again.  Please have all mail forwarded to the counter next to the stove!  And someone want to volunteer to take dictation so I can fulfill my posting duties while covered in chocolate and flour? :)  I can pay you in taste testing privileges!


Anemone Pie said...

I'm not even a sweet eater and want to come to your house now! What about something almond flavored?

won said...

I'm in!! I will be your volunteer.

Shana said...

Holy sweetness batman! I just showed the hubs the pic of the peanut butter cup fudge & he tried to lick my laptop, ha!! YUM!


I made my 100 cookies today for the swap. Now I want to puke. I ate about 5 of them and now don't want to look at them! Yours sound great though!

Nap Mom said...

Teacher gifts is always so hard for me. I have come up with a few easy cookie recipes lately. You might have inspired me.


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