Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let's talk books!

You know what I got for Christmas?  Books.  Lots of books.  Fourteen I think.  And Amazon giftcards so I could get more books!  This makes me a very happy girl.  I've already finished 3 of the ones I got for Christmas.   By ordering used books, I managed to stretch my giftcards to order 18 more.  My bookshelves are groaning at the very thought.

I can't imagine owning a Kindle, or other digital reader.  I love the feeling of a book in my hands, the sound of the pages, the way they look on the shelves.  I love libraries and bookstores.  The dusty smell of faraway lands and millions of words waiting to take me there.  I always take a book into the bathtub with me... I'd be scared to take a $200 piece of computer equipment.  And I love to loan books to people, to share things I love with people I like.  That can't be done with a download.  I'm sure digital media has it's place, but it's not for me.

So, I mostly got brain candy this go 'round.  Authors like Laurell K. Hamilton, Kim Harrison, Janet Evanovich, Kasey Michaels, and Sophie Kinsella.  I also got the newest book in the Outlander series, and a few by Wally Lamb. (which appear to be all 3 he's written according to that bio.  Cool.  I love owning complete collections!)  The first 4 are all series, and I was finishing off what I didn't already own.  Kinsella writes the Shopaholic series, which I hated, but I like some of her stand alone books, so I went with those.  I absolutely LOVE the Outlander series, so I broke my rule of not usually getting hardback books and put her newest on my wishlist and got it for Christmas.  Actually I ended up with quite a few hardback books from my wishlist - I didn't realize when I put them there that was what I'd chosen.  I much prefer paperbacks.  Cheaper, easier to hold, fit in my purse better... they're just better.  But I'm not going to look a gift book in the mouth - or spine :)

I also got a couple true crime, and one called Give up the Ghost, which I read about on a website somewhere and thought looked interesting.  I was right, it was.  Lexie thinks it looks good too, but her reading level itsn't quite high enough yet to let her have at it.  It would just frustrate her.  Soon though.

So, tell me, what do you like to read?  My wishlist is pretty much empty - give me ideas to start filling it back up!  I'd rather read than breathe, so I need more books!


sherry said...

I just finished up a Nora Roberts trilogy - Blood Brothers, The Hollow, and The Pagan Stone. Lots of dramatic paranormal stuff, good romance, great series.

Robin in Montana said...

If you haven't tried Harlan Coben, you might like him. He writes mysteries, and even though I've read all of his books now, I never figure it out before the end. He also writes a series with a main character named Myron Bolitar who is a sports agent/detective (or something.) Very fast paced with some funny dialog. I prefer the non-Myron books, but he's probably my current favorite author!

And I'm with you, I like to *feel my books.

Nap Mom said...

I never got into the Shopaholic books either... however, I LOVED (like super-loved) the Outlander series. I have read ALL of the Philippa Gregory books (more historical fiction). Have you read Emily Giffin? Her "Something Borrowed" series is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!!!!!

Nap Mom said...

Oh, and I sooooooooo want the Kindle... but I like being able to share books with friends and that isn't possible with the Kindle... :-(


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