Thursday, November 19, 2009


Another day, another post.  I can't believe there are people who post every single day, all the time.  Obviously they live way more interesting lives than I do.

Right now the most interesting thing around here is that Lexie finally got to go to school for the first time this week.  We are the house with typhoid again.  Okay, maybe not typhoid, but something not so fun.  Stuffy head, fever, headache, body aches, nasty cough... if I didn't know better I'd say we had the flu! I tried to get in for a swabbing, just to find out, but my doctor is booked up until Monday.  Lex has missed 3 days this week, S is home for the 2nd full day today, plus he came home early on Tuesday.  I'm coming down with it today.  The boys so far are illness free, but I harbor no illusions on that front.  I'm scheduling Clorox baths for everyone!

So, Thanksgiving is a week from today.  We're not having a traditional dinner here.  The past few years we've gone to my mother's house, but she moved earlier this year to a much smaller house (so my sister couldn't move in with her - seriously) and so she said they don't have room.  I offered my house, but we have cats that she is allergic to, although the severity of her allergy seems to change depending on how inconvenienced she is or how much she wants to be here at the time.  She said she just couldn't handle it.  So, it's just the 5 of us at our house, and my mother, her husband, my sister, and .... apparently a couple of guys from her husband's work.  Although she doesn't have room for company.  Oh well, whatever.

Anyway!  As I was saying!  Non-traditional dinner.  I'm the only one in the house who really loves turkey, and there is no sense in cooking one, so we're having ham.  Which is also fine by me, since I love ham too.  I will miss the stuffing... but there's always Christmas!  I'm making S's grandmother's mac&cheese, which I think is nasty, but he of course adores.  My mom is making me a pecan pie, which is very nice of her.  But I'm not sure what else we should have.  Any suggestions? 

Oh!  Angel over at Emily Makes Three gave me something so sweet today!  And a perfect day for it too... a day where I'm whiny and complaining, Angel gives me a heartfelt blogger award!  Thank you so much Angel. 

The rules..

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* Nominate up to 3 blogs that make you feel comfy or warm inside.
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I choose:



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Tina said...


Congrats on your award...

I am doing ham also for Thanksgiving...

Hope everyone is doing better...

Miss you..


heather said...

thank you so much for the bloggy award! really, these awards thrill me...knowing that people actually read my blog is cool, but knowing that they like what they read is even better!

and i love to pay them forward too!

thanks again! =)


Ham is so much easier anyway:) Enjoy!!

won said...

Thinking of you today.

The Silva's said...

Greenbean cassarole??

WE are going to the in-law's for Turkey day - which will be a ham day, with rice and beans - that's it!! I might remember telling my MIL that I was sure the Pilgrims did not eat ham, rice or beans on Thanksgiving. And i might still be a bit bitter about the whole thing:)


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