Sunday, November 29, 2009


For the record I know how very lucky I am to have a husband like S.  Although I think he must be slightly insane to not only put up with me, but to love me the way he does, I'm sure as heck not trying to talk him out of it!

Today marks the first day in weeks when I haven't felt like the world was crashing in on me.  I actually woke up in a good mood!  I guess the increase in meds is working.  Although I'm still having nasty side effects from the doubled dose.  Within a couple hours of taking them, I feel like I'm vibrating, I get anxious and antsy, then the headache and nausea kick in.  It's lots of fun, I can tell you.  But I know my body will adapt, and if it makes me feel like I might actually be capable of getting out of bed, then it's worth it.  Now if I could just find my Christmas Spirit, I'd be good.

I did go up to the attic to bring down the boxes of decorations today, which is a good first step.  Mainly because I needed to see if the new lights we bought matched the old lights we have for the outside of the house, which of course they don't.  So I need to try and find the right kind.  We didn't have enough to do the whole front of the house last year, and couldn't find anymore of the same ones, so we're trying to find them this year.  So now I have 2 boxes to exchange.  Oh yay.  I was hoping to do it this afternoon, but that was before the med blah's kicked in.  Now I'm not so sure I'm up for it.  We'll see how I feel in a few hours.

One of my favorite decorations at Christmas time is my Village.  You know, the little houses that light up?  I've been collecting them since Lex was little, and I usually get a new house every year.  This year we have 2 new kittens who climb everything and I'm very worried about putting it up.  I'd hate for them to end up knocking something down and break it.  I had that happen last time we had kittens and it broke my heart.  And some of the pieces are irreplaceable.  So I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it this year.  I'm tempted to just not put it up at all.

Oh - and I realized I was wrong.  I'm not done Christmas shopping.  I still have to buy the kids Christmas Eve jammies.  Every year they get new jammies that they get to open on Christmas Eve.  It's been a tradition every single year since Lexie was born, and I forgot about it until Lexie reminded me!  Bad mommy, no cookie!  So I have to add that to my to do list too.

But right now I think the first thing on my list is to cuddle this boy sitting next to me who keeps giving me kisses.  Kind of hard to resist that!  Also makes it hard to type, so I'm out! 



We do the matching jammies on Christmas eve also. I just ordered mine at and paid 10 dollars each. Hope you are feeling better very soon!

Erin Lutz said...

We do matching jammies too! I am glad you are feeling a little better. I hope it keeps up!


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