Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 3

Day three of NaBloPoMo and I'm already out of ideas.  This can't be good.  Makes the next 27 loom rather large and daunting.  Well, I still have a few cheap tricks up my sleeve, but I was hoping to save those for later in the month.  I really thought I could provide actual content for at least a week!  So let's see what happens if I just start typing...

The boys are watching Wall-E right now.  I like this movie.  Wall-E and Eve are so sweet together.  And Eve kicks butt.  What's even better right this minute though, is both boys are sitting calmly watching.  Not fighting, or yelling, or demanding things of me.  I'd so kiss the people at Disney for this!

I made the decision over the weekend to go back up to the full dose of my Effexor.  I realized that I had NO patience with anyone, was stressing about everything, and was just basically not doing well on the half dose.  Of course, it was not an easy, or fun decision.  I cried.  Which only reinforced the fact that I need the damn things.  Don't get me wrong, I am very glad AD's exist, and I never look down on anyone for needing to be on them.  But for me, I hate it.  I feel broken.  I was really hoping I was ready to come off, but... not yet.  I'll give it a try later down the road.  So I've been back on the full dose for 2 days now, and am waiting to feel less anxious, stressed, and sad.

On a more cheerful note, S and I have made so much progress on Christmas shopping!  The kids gifts from us are done, gifts for our parents and my sister who will all be at our house for Christmas are all almost done.  I still need to make calendars for three sets of Grandparents, and the kids need to get them gifts.  We haven't even started figuring out what we're getting for each other though, and I have yet to convince the kids to write Santa letters.  Hmmm, written out like that it doesn't feel like we've made as much progress as I thought we had.  So much for cheerful.  Bah humbug.

We can't decide what to do about a Christmas tree this year.  We have a fake tree we set up for a few years, but both prefer the look of a real one.  The problem is we like to get the tree Thanksgiving weekend.  A cut tree just doesn't make it to Christmas.  S wants to get a live potted tree, and then plant it in the yard.  But I like BIG Christmas trees, and the live ones are usually only 4-ish feet tall.  So I don't know what we're going to end up doing.  I think I'm leaning towards the fake one in the attic.  S wants to look for a tree farm where we might be able to dig up a live one that would be bigger.  Maybe I should put up a poll here and leave it up to you guys to decide!

Why does my cat carry around her catnip stuffed mouse and YOWL?  She does all the time.  Is there something about  the mouse I should know?  She won't bring it to me to play with her.  She just sits in the middle of the room with it in her mouth yelling.  Strange cat.

Okay, I think I've babbled long enough to bore you all to sleep.  Let me open the floor to you... any questions for me?  Anything!  You ask, I'll answer.  I need posting material :)  Anything you'd like to see pictures of?  Any topics you'd like my opinion on?  I'll take whatever you've got!  (S - I know you read, so this means you too!)  For now I have to figure out to be home for a phone call, and go to the library at the same time.... I'm thinking I'm going to end up owing the library a quarter for a late fee today!


The Silva's said...

I don't even want to start thinking about Christmas shopping!!!! I guess I will have to soon:)

won said...

To only owe the library a quarter....ah, that would be wonderful. No matter how I try I seem to be unsuccessful for any length of time.

I had to chuckle at you asking "anything you'd like to see pictures of?". I was thinking that might open it up for weirdos. Either that, or the fact that my mind thought that means that I am a weirdo.

As far as ideas for posts, I may have some but mine are usually kind of deep and I realize they don't necessarily appeal to the same audiences so I'll not list them. I'll keep thinking for you though...for other ones. Maybe google "inspiration for writing"?

Dawn said...

My daughter takes Effexor and I for one thank god she does. Her coping skills are so much better and with an autistic son and toddler daughter, she definitely needs those.

I for one think just writing about your day is good for posting if you run out of ideas. I had to learn that not every post needs to be profound.

Good luck!

justjaime30 said...

Good Luck on the AD's. I could prob use them as well, but i just cant bring myself to go back on medication. Didnt work last time :-S

I may run out of topics for NoBloing too, well maybe not if my kids keep trying to run away ;-)

Anonymous said...

Don't give up! You can do it!!

Jennifer said...

Megan - I'm usually scrambling in mid-December on gifts, so I'm feeling all proud of myself this year. Although not nearly as smug as my mother, who is one of those people who is done in July.

won - I actually owe the library $2.40. Plus the quarter from today. I never get things back on time. Luckily we have a cheap library! You are a weirdo, but we like that about you. I didn't even think what I was opening myself up to there, but since I'm pretty sure all my readers are OHiH ladies, I think I'm safe. Please, feel free to suggest anything you'd like to see me talk about here. I know you tend towards the heavier, more insightful topics and that is fine. I enjoy your topics, I've learned a lot through them.

Dawn - yeah Effexor is obviously my coping tool too. With an autistic son, a daughter who is probably about to be diagnosed ADHD and a busy 3 year old, I can use the help! I'm sure I'll end up telling you what I did that day in more than one post, I just don't want to bore y'all to tears!

JJ - If they don't work, then there's no reason to take them! I guess I'm lucky in that they do work for me, although I'd much rather not need them. As for running out of ideas - doesn't sound like that's going to be an issue for you, not with your kids! But if it does, I'll ask you questions if you'll ask me some when I'm out of ideas!

Angel - I'm not going to give up, don't worry!! If I have to resort to posting pictorial tours of my sock drawer, I'll post something every day!


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