Friday, November 20, 2009


A random list of things I do not like :
  • head colds
  • chalk.  Even just the thought of it makes my teeth hurt.
  • sauerkraut
  • the word moist pertaining to anything other than food
  • dog slobber
  • seams in my socks
  • people who are rude
  • people with entitlement issues
  • the fact that yummy calorie free food doesn't exist
  • teething.  I don't care that my kids are done teething.  It still sucks.
  • the pause button.  Well, actually, Christopher's addiction to the pause button.  Every other second he pauses the darn t.v.  I'd like to smack whoever taught him that.
  • depression
  • people leaving me voicemail when it's not necessary.  If I know you - Mother - I will call you back.  If I don't know you, feel free to leave a message.
  • moths.  Creepy little things.  shudder
  • anything with too many eyes.  Or eyes in the wrong place.  That's just not right.
  • the sound of clapping, snapping, or any other sharp noise like that.  Applause is okay, because lots of hands make it not a sharp noise.  Yes, I'm weird
  • also the sound of fingernails on pretty much any hard surface.  Makes me cringe.  Do not like.
  • boys who pee all over the bathroom.  Okay, I still like the boys.  Don't like the pee.  Whose bright idea was it for little boys to pee standing up?
  • the fact that my zucchini didn't pollinate this summer.  I thought ANYONE could grow zucchini! 
  • okra
  • hummus
  • liars
Things I do like
  • my husband telling me to stay in bed this morning and get some extra sleep, because he's got the kids for me this time.  Thank you Love!
  • The boys who pee all over the bathroom.  Who are playing with each other and acting out a movie together right now
  • My little girl who left for school this morning with no arguing or fussing at all! 
  • The fact that I'm in the homestretch of NaBloPoMo!


Erin Lutz said...

I laughed at the voicemail one! So true!! Also in my next house (dream on) I am having a 'boys' bathroom with a urinal. In the basement!

Tina said...


I have to say....I agree with you list of things you don't like...LOL

Have a great weekend...


Jeanette said...

I agree with almost everything on that list! But I love me some sauerkraut, I eat it cold sometimes straight out of the jar!

Linda Fulkerson said...

I enjoyed reading your list and agree with many of your items -- especially the voicemail thing. If you're just going to say, "It's me. Please call back," know that I could have already called you had I not had to fight my way through calling the nice voice mail lady, pressing the right number, and waiting to listen to all the other "Please call me back" messages, LOL!

the replicant said...

I think I agree with all of the "dislikes" except for sauerkraut. I must have it with pork chops. Must.


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