Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have an excuse, really!  First, I tackled the laundry - a job that took me most of the morning.  Then, I had a command performance at my mother's today.  I had to drive over 20 miles to pick up my sister, and then go to my mothers house.  On the plus side I got pie.  Obviously I'll go to great lengths for pie.  Then, when I got home, S wanted to go out to eat.  That's why my post is so late today!

So now we're finally home, the boys are on the computer together, and S and Lexie are watching some horror movie together.  S is a scary movie freak, and he's turned our poor, sweet, innocent daughter into one as well.  I personally am not much into the horror movies.  Gore is nauseating.  I don't like being scared.  Nope, I just don't get it.  Ooh, ewww.  This one is starting off bad.  I trust S not to show Lexie anything TOO much, but.... yuck.

What I think is funny is he lets her watch all the violence she wants, but makes her close her eyes, or changes the channel as soon as any mention of sex comes on.  I think I'd rather she watched acts of love than hate, personally.  Or...neither yet.  She is only 8.  But it might be too late for that.  She begs to watch scary movies.  And it's all S's fault!  Although he did give up on that one - we're watching Darkness Falls now.  Good thing Lex already knows the Tooth Fairy isn't real!

Speaking of movies - after watching a Ben10 episode the other day, Joshua told me he was going to beat me like a Whack-a-Mole.  And I worry about the violence Lexie watches?  Cartoons are way more violent.  Just a lot less realistic, and not made to be scary. 

Okay, I'm out for the night.  I'll do my best to get in earlier tomorrow.  Not that anyone will be online, but I feel guilty being late!


Anonymous said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!


The Sandgroper said...

Ben10, oh dear we have that too!! It's amazing what it turns lovely little boys into.

BTW you've been tagged!

Erin Lutz said...

My boy loves horror! When he asks to watch a movie, I cringe...I am a baby!


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