Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November 18th

This is a familiar picture if you've ever been here before.  It's over there on the right.  Today I wanted to make sure you paid a little more attention to it.  Today, I'd like for you to go to won's blog and give her some extra kind thoughts.  It's a very hard day for her.

Wendy is an amazing woman.  A survivor herself, of things no woman should have to go through, she then went through every mother's nightmare.  Her life has been anything but easy, and yet she still reaches out to help people.  When I posted about my issues with Christopher's school, Wendy offered up her phone number, her advice, and her shoulder to lean on, almost as soon as I had the post written.  She's always there with a kind word and gentle encouragement.  I don't know that I could be that strong.

I never got to meet Olivia.  I've only gotten to know her through the words of a besotted and still grieving mother.  A mother who will never stop loving or missing her daughter.  And that's how it should be.  Wendy is an example of motherhood, the way I want to be.  When she tells stories of Olivia's life, her love for her little girl shines through.  And makes me wish I had the chance to meet this amazing young lady who wanted to change the world with a dollar, with the sweet smile, and heart that was just too big for this world. 

And there are no words I can say to help ease Wendy's pain.  There aren't any in any language.  But I can reassure a hurting mother that her child will not be forgotten.  So I sat down with my computer last night, and showed my own daughter Olivia's pictures, and told her some of Olivia's stories.  She was full of questions I couldn't answer, like what Olivia's favorite subject in school was, and her favorite flavor of ice cream.  Then she drew a picture and I lit some candles for Olivia.

Olivia Grace - your Mommy misses you, and the world is a dimmer place without you.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Jennifer. What a wonderful post. I lit a candle last night for Olivia, as well.

Deb in MD said...

Very thoughtful post. You are right, her mommy does miss her, a lot, but we are all here for her.

Dawn said...

What a wonderful post Jennifer. My thoughts are with Won & Noah today. I've also got a candle burning for Olivia Grace.

won said...

That has to be one of the sweetest, most thoughtful things to be done.

I am beyond touched and want to genuinely thank you for doing what you did. It means the world to me.

Really Frugal said...

What a touching post. How very kind you are.

won said...

Oh, and Olivia's favorite ice cream flavor was mint chocolate chip. Although, she loved brownie batter Blizzards too, made with chocolate ice cream.

Her favorite subject in school...she really accepted and welcomed them all. She did really love music class.

Anonymous said...

You have an award waiting at my blog!


Anonymous said...

Great post by the way! Very thoughtful!

The Silva's said...

That is a wonderful post Jennifer!!!


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